We use products from leading manufacturers:

Telecommunications systems and add-ons

Starface (IP telephone systems)

Is flexibility and uniform communication a top priority in your company? Then we have good news: employees in the home office, field service employees or freelancers can all be conveniently integrated into STARFACE’s IP telephone systems. Regardless of whether you are in the office, home office or on the go, you can be reached anywhere on your landline number if you wish.

Unify (Digital and IP telephone systems)Logo Unify

Unify is the former Siemens Enterprise Communication unit. Unify offers a unique longterm experience in developing and manufacturing functional and reliable telephone systems and relating applications. You really can trust in these reliable systems in daily operations.
Unify still affects major developments in the market for telecommunication systems. It offers up-to-date Unified Communication (UC) solutions in standard products who can be extended by specific software solutions. Please find out about the capabilities of the products in this video which demonstrates a complete Unified Communication (UC) solution for small and medium-sized companies.

Wildix (IP-telefone systems)Logo Wildix

Wildix is an international company which specializes in Unified Communication (UC) solutions and VoIP products. The UC system developed by Wildix is easy to customize and easy to use. It has a lasting effect on improving communication processes and on speeding-up daily work processes.

Jabra (Headsets)Logo Jabra

Jabra is one of the leading producers of corded and wireless headsets. The product program encompasses a wide variety of headsets for all types of applications and is always positioned on the highest technical level. The product program is supported by a worldwide service organization.

Polycom (conference telephone systems)Logo Polycom

The conference telephone systems from Polycom have set the standard for best sound quality for each user at any place. Each conference phone can be adapted to different room conditions based on modern audiology technology. By doing so, each user can hear and is heard clearly, even if several persons speak at the same time. Thus misunderstandings can be avoided and productivity improved. No single word – and no opportunity – is lost.

C4B (Datev integration)Logo c4b

The software solutions from C4B enables a very comfortable integration of telephony and IT. Based on open interfaces, the software can be integrated into various infrastructures. It can be integrated into mission critical applications such as Micosoft Outlook and into your CRM system, using your existing contact data and your phone directory CD. Even if you only rely on mobil phones, you will find your suitable solution with C4B.

Active network equipment

Sophos (Router and Firewall)Logo sophos

IT security products have become so complicated like the complex networks they should protect. At Interport Real we rely on solutions from Sophos for protection of data networks.
Firewalls, WLAN infrastructures, antivirus and spam protection and other security components can be combined, based on respective requirements. Secure networks for a multitude of sites can be designed and established in a fast and flexible way. Small branches and home offices can be realized with little effort from local users. They can be protected according to company standards.

Zyxel (Switches, Modems, Wifi)Logo zyxel

The installation of an IP based telephone system requires a suitable LAN infrastructure. Sometimes the existing network is not adequately dimensioned. Larger distances within a building or a campus have to be spanned without a decline in WLAN velocity. The installation of new cables (fiberglass or copper) is not always necessary and meaningful. To realize an economic solution for our customers, we rely on DSL products from Zyxel. Thus we can realize high bandwidth on simple telephone cables up to several hundred meters, which is sufficient for most applications.

Networking equipment and server racks

NEXANS (LAN)logo nexans

When certified LAN infrastructures are required, it is necessary to use closely matched components, which meet or surpass all internationally valid standards. Nexan products for LAN or data center cabling meet all these requirements. Fiberglass and copper connections, jacks and bushings, connecting modules and patch cables all guarantee high reliability and a long lifetime based on their consistent high quality.

APC (Power supply, Racks)Logo APC

APC offers an extensive portfolio of secure and redundant uninterrupted power supplies as well as climatisation of data centers and wiring closets. Both physical features like performance and electricity consumption and operating costs are relevant. A precondition for optimal operations is the integration of widely used control and alarm systems. In this area, APC is one of the trendsetters and technology leaders.

Modulan (Housings for server racks)Logo Modulan

Modulan is based in the Rhine/Main area. It manufactures housings for server racks, which enable the individually designed separation of cold and warm areas. The available space can be used efficiently and the operations of IT equipment can be supported by optimal and stable climate conditions.